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    3 Pack - HERO Giardiniera 12 oz. (includes shipping)
    3 Pack - HERO Giardiniera 12 oz. (includes shipping)
    One for now. One for later. One to share!
    Now shipping in USA.
    Enjoy our take on giardiniera... a melange of fresh carrots, celery, serrano and jalapeño peppers, Manzanilla olives, roasted red bell peppers, pickled pearl onions, Italian grapeseed oil, white wine vinegar (no added sulfites) and salt. Prepped and preserved by our team in the Georgetown neighbhorhood of Seattle.
    ❤ Your purchase also helps homeless veterans secure permanent housing via VeteransMatter.org.
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  • Where to Find HERO

    Email us if you have questions!

    Pacific Northwest

    Retail Markets buy our fresh giardiniera in bulk then re-pack and merchandise in refrigerated coolers, usually by the olives and other by-the-pound specialty cheese. If you can't locate, ask someone in Specialty.

    MarkeTime - Fremont/Seattle
    New Seasons - Washington & Oregon

    Thirftway - West Seattle
    Top of the Hill - Renton
    Whole Foods Market - most locations in Pacific Northwest
    Zupan's - Lake Grove

    Menus (when open):

    Aerlume - Seattle
    Aegis - Mercer Island

    AC Hotel - Bellevue
    Built - Tacoma

    Facebook - Seattle
    First & Goal Hospitality - CenturyLink Field, Seattle
    Centerplate Catering - Safeco Field, Seattle
    Columbia Winery - Woodinville

    General Electric - Portland
    Facebook - Westlake café
    Fircrest Golf & Country Club - Tacoma
    Januik Winery - Woodinville
    Lakehouse Restaurant - Bellevue
    Lavish Roots Catering - Bellevue

    Metropolitan Market - Proctor
    Muckleshoot Casino - Auburn
    NIKE - Oregon headquarters
    Peninsula Pies - Hansville, WA
    Red Hot - Tacoma
    Stadium Thriftway - Tacoma
    Teatro ZinZanni - Woodinville
    The Neighbor Lady, Central District/Seattle
    Tulalip Casino - Tulalip
    University of Puget Sound - Tacoma
    Washington State Convention Center
    Zoka Coffee - Wallingford/Seattle

    VegFest SEA + PDX Attendees: Many of you ask if we are available at PCC Natural Markets, Marlene's Market & Deli, Market of Choice, Town & Country/Central Markets, Bellingham Co-op, Central Co-op. No we are not.
    The best way to help HERO have placement is to drop a note in their comment box or speak with a manager. -We Thank You!

  • HERO Giardiniera

    Fresh. Crunchy.
    Savory. Piquant.

    Sandwiches - Burgers - Brauts - Scrambles - Pizza -
    Brushetta - Crackers - Tortilla Chips.

    Swirl in hummus, smash in avacado, service with antipasto & cheeses.

    Toss with leafy greens
    (sub salad dressing for a dollop of HERO).
    Mix-in to "spike" Potato Salad, Beans + Rice, Q
    uinoa, Couscous.
    Make an unforgettable Grilled Cheese.
    Tacos. Nachos. Burritos.
    Show us how you HERO
    and we'll donate $1
    to VeteransMatter.org.
    3,877 veterans and their families, including 1421 children,
    are off the streets thanks to this Mighty not-for-profit as of July 20, 2020.
    "Be 1 Who Matters to 1 Who Matters." - 1Matters.org


    Fresh Carrots, Fresh Celery,
    Fresh Serrano + Jalapeno Peppers,
    Dunbar Roasted Red Bell Peppers,
    House-Brined Pearl Onions
    and Lindsay Spanish Olives


    We begin with USA-grown Kosher sweet peppers roasted to perfection.

    Then add a mix of fresh and brined vegetables.

    We go to great lengths to bring you the best and freshest GMO-free condiments, like HERO Giardiniera. In fact, we kick-started the very first commercially available Non-GMO "cocktail onion" in the USA, because we couldn't find a GMO-free onion to source otherwise.

    Our roasted red bell peppers come from Dunbars, a family-owned processor of bell peppers in the Carolinas, and we use only Lindsay Spanish Olives, which are diced and hand-chopped before tossing with our fresh produce.

    Thanks to the Sound Produce family, who delivers the freshest produce to us as per our specifications. Depending on the time of year, these come from California and Washington from Taylor Farms.


    For our refrigerated version of HERO, available in bulk for commercial use, we use Bella Vina Expeller Pressed GMO-free Canola Oil because in our many months of testing, this performed the best in foodservice applications. For our pantry (shelf stable) retail version, we use San Giuliano Italian Grapeseed Oil as this by-product of the wine making industry is growing in preference by North American consumers and is derived from a sustainable farming source we want to support.


    We use white wine vinegar with no added sulfites, and when it's all married with a touch of salt, it brings out a crunchy, savory, briney umami taste experience.


    HERO is lovingly handpack in to 8 lb wide-mouth gallon PPE containers for foodservice (refrigerated), 8 oz non-BPA PETE (refrigerated; available at festivals only) and 12 oz glass jars (shelf stable) for e-commerce retail. We are moving to 2/4 lb pouches for foodsevice to lower our wholesale price and to lessen our impact on the environment.

    We are working to bring this product to USDA organic certification. In the meantime, HERO is GMO-free as tested by IEH Laboratories, an approved lab of the Non-GMO Verification Project.

    We are committed to bringing you the best tasting condiments while positively impacting society.


    P.S. HERO's jar is an awesome re-use container! Store anything in it! The stickers come off easily so you can make it your own. When you don't need it, pass it on or rinse and recycle. Thanks to sophisticated curbside recycling programs, the non-BPA jars are recyclable and so are their lids,* while the glass jars are also recyclable.


    *Thank You City of Seattle and states like Connecticut who have mandatory recycling programs!


  • Seattle Made
    Authentic Giardiniera
    now available
    in Pacific Northwest

    Giardiniera (pronounced Jar-din-air) began in Italy, about two centuries ago, as vegetable melange consisting of brined produce harvested from local farms. It was created as a celebration of vegetable-growers' bounty. Now it is enjoyed from Piedmont to Chicago to New Orleans, and now the Pacific Northwest!

    Jean + Family

    Makers of HERO Giardiera
    The Mighty Condiment

    This crowd-pleasing recipe also supports the housing of veterans through VeteransMatter.org, a program of 1Matters.org.

    We value your comments:
    email jean at themightycondiment dot com

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